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Safety Instructions
Horico® Diamond Instruments

Please be sure to adhere to the following safety instructions when using all of our Horico® Diamond Instruments.


Insert the shank according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Insertion should be for the full length, and if necessary use the bur changer provided by the manufacturer for this purpose. Finishing diamonds are preferably inserted without the use of a bur changer as with the new type of springloaded chucks. Diamond instruments with fine points can easily be damaged if a bur changer is used.

2. Do not use the handpiece or contra angle above the prescribed velocity as per Speed Table shown below. The recommended r.p.m. should be observed.
3. Full speed should be reached before operating in the mouth of the patient. Technicians should run the handpiece at full speed before application to the product on which work is being performed.
4. Warning: If instruments become bent, be sure to remove them from all further use. Use of these instruments could be dangerous for the dentist and patient, as well as the technician.
5. Dentists: Always use spray.
6. Pressure should be 20-50 p for all FG instruments, as well as for handpiece or latch-type instruments with diameter up to 023, in other words work with as little pressure as possible. Handpiece and latch-type instruments (not FG) with diameters 025 and larger, may be used with pressure up to 500 p.
7. Do not work with a pulling motion to be sure that the instrument remains firmly seated during the entire operation.
8. Do not apply leverage or a twisting motion.
9. Always use safety glasses.


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