Edenta Silicone Polishers - Ordering Info & Recommendations

Safety & Hygiene Recommendations

Usage and Safety Measures

  • speed / rpm:
    refer to individual product pages plus package labeling
  • application pressure:
    apply gentle and intermittent force only
  • concentricity:
    unmounted polishers need to be adjusted concentrically with a dressing stone after shaft mounting to ensure vibration-free operation
  • protective devices:
    • → Eye protection: imperative
    • → Speed limitation: max. permissible
      → speed may not be exceeded to avoid a potential injury risk caused by shaft bending (due to inherent polisher head weight)
    • → Dust suction: necessary

Ordering Info

Art. No. Product Pieces per Box
3041HP CeraGloss 1
0664HP-6 Exa Technik 6
0041HP-12 Alphaflex 12
7003UM-25 Discs 25
0202UM-100 Chromopol 100