Flex Shaft Machines and Accessories - Ordering Information & Recommendations

Ordering Info

Flexible Shaft Machines listed on this website and in our catalog may also be used with most of the handpiece attachments illustrated.

When ordering motors, always specify the type of handpiece required. Complete units come with six-step rheostat #87-6. All motors have a right-hand threaded adaptor so that the sheath can be unscrewed readily. All motors are supplied with 3 conductor grounded connections. Free safety glasses are included with each Flexible Machine purchase — always use protective glasses when using power tools!

Solid State Rheostat #87-8 supplied at additional cost if specifically requested.

Ordering Example:
If a CH unit is desired with a No. 330 Handpiece as illustrated, simply order CH-330. (CH denotes motor and 330 type of handpiece.)

Warranty Information

PFINGST motors, flexible shafts, handpieces, and accessories have been painstakingly tested and checked before shipment and are guaranteed against imperfections in material and workmanship for 90 days after purchase. During this period, any part that proves defective will be replaced free of charge. This, of course, does not apply to failure due to normal wear, accidental damage, or abuse. Also, if the motor or accessory has been tampered with in any way, this warranty does not apply. Duplex springs are not covered by this warranty.

Quality and Repair Service Information

Pfingst utility motors and attachments are manufactured to exacting specifications to provide long, troublefree service. A full service and repair department is maintained by the manufacturer. For servicing or repairs, return through your dealer or directly specify the name of the dealer. Each order will receive prompt attention by factory personnel.