Welcome to Pfingst & Company!

Located in South Plainfield, New Jersey, Pfingst & Company, Inc. was founded by Adolph Pfingst in 1905, when they started importing and distributing the well-known BUSCH™ burs. Today, Pfingst & Company is known for delivering the industry’s most respected and advanced products, instruments, and tools for jewelers, dentists, artists, woodcarvers, and hobbyists.

Pfingst has earned its reputation as an industry leader through its commitment to providing only the best quality products and services to its customers. Our policy of continually providing items commensurate with practical and forward-looking applications has been a constant objective of the following generations. Pfingst is dedicated to understanding the needs of today's jewelers, dentists, and artists and is committed to ensuring that its product line always aligns with those needs.

Pfingst features products from Busch, Horico, and Edenta, as well as flexible shaft machines that are widely used by jewelers, artists, and craftsmen. Busch manufactures abrasives, carbide burs, and steel burs. Horico produces diamond rotary instruments, sintered diamonds, and diamond abrasives. Edenta offers specialized, silicone polishers. Pfingst products are available from reputable dealers throughout the USA and Canada, as well as in many overseas countries.

Pfingst Products include:

  • Tungsten Vanadium Steel Burs
  • Super-carbide Burs
  • Diamond Burs
  • Sintered Burs
  • Edenta Silicone Polishers
  • Goldstar Polishing Systems
  • Pfingst Micro-grinders
  • Flexible Shaft Machines & Accessories
  • Wood Carving Bits & Power Tools
  • Wood Carving Handpieces
  • Stainless Steel Instruments
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