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Miscellaneous - Figure WR900

E-Z Planeā„¢

This is a Pfingst E-Z Plane for setting teeth.


The new E-Z Plane is a new idea for setting upper and lower teeth. The new E-Z Plane brackets lock the clear plane perfectly level while setting either the upper or lower teeth first. Using the tripod principle, the plane will not tip when pressure is applied to either side. Eliminates adjusting the level of the occlusal plane later after the teeth have been set. The brackets are made of high quality stainless steel and can be used over and over again. An extra set of brackets are included for setting more than one case at a time. The clear plate also allows the technician to mark the center of the lower ridge on the plate for easy positioning of the lower posterior teeth using a non-permanent marker. Benefits of the E-Z Plane in point form:

1. Locks the plane to the correct horizontal occlusal plane and won't tip when pressure is applied.

2. No more adjusting the posterior teeth later because the plane moved during set up.

3. High quality stainless steel brackets (non-corrosive).

4. Clear plate allows for the marking of the center of the lower ridge thus keeping lowers on ridge.

5. Straight edge of clear plate is used to keep the posterior teeth in a straight line.

6. Can be used to set either the upper or lower posterior teeth first. Also very economical to use.