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The Myoloc™ System Immediate Mandibular Denture Stability - Without Surgery Many dental patients suffer with dentures that slip, slide, or shift. Unstable dentures make speech difficult and proper mastication of food almost impossible. It doesn't have to be this way! Now, Winder Research offers a proven, cost-effective solution. The result of over five years of development, the Myoloc System is the truly affordable route to stable dentures for virtually every edentulous patient. Simple, Non-Surgical Procedure Alternative treatment methods like biomechanical implants can be complex and expensive. The patented* Myoloc System utilizes the patient's existing prosthesis and the "neutral zone" between the floor of the mouth and the ventral surface of the tongue to stabilize full mandibular dentures. No threatening surgery, time-consuming impressions, or expensive prosthodontic reconstruction. And, the system is completely reversible. Myoloc System offers your edentulous patients an easy, inexpensive way to:

• an IMMEDIATE improvement in denture retention, stability, speech, and mastication
• elimination of "clicking" sounds
• decreased food entrapment
• a completely invisible, non-interfering and non-irritating technique, without soft tissue impingement

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