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This is a KISAG portable bunsen burner.


Kisag Burner with Refill

The dentist, dental assistant, and laboratory technician are always looking for a good "on the spot" Bunsen Burner in the vicinity of their immediate working area. The KISAG Portable Bunsen Burner is the ideal solution. Because of its portability, the need of permanent, complicated installation is eliminated. With it, they will not be tied down to the area where the permanently mounted burner is situated. It may be useful as an auxiliary to regular installations - especially useful when the dental practice or laboratory facilities are being expanded rapidly.

Height: 3 1/4"
Diameter: 3 1/2" (regulating knob extends 1 1/2")
Weight: 14 oz.

Small, convenient, simple, and light in weight.

Design is such that accidental tipping is virtually eliminated. Protecting hood will not overheat and therefore may be used as a finger rest.

Highest quality workmanship and material throughout.

Packaged securely for safe transportation with initial supply of gas and one refill container.


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