Bur Shapes and Sizes

Pear Shape

Pear burs are used by dentists, dental lab workers, jewelers, and hobbyists. These burs are pear shaped with the large part away from the neck of the bur. Similar to the pear bur is the inverted pear bur, where the large part is at the bottom of the head. These burs are made from various materials, including steel, carbide, and high-speed steel, as well as diamonds and sintered diamonds. Pear shaped abrasives are available in materials such as silicon carbide and high-grade corundum. Silicone polishers are also produced in pear shapes.

The selection of the bur is based on the task to be accomplished and what material is being worked with, whether it is natural enamel, acrylic, or metals such as gold and silver. Pear burs are used for excavating, trimming, and finishing in dental applications. They are also useful for rounding edges in woodcarving.

Pear burs may be single or crosscut with the blades closer together or further apart depending on the material being cut. The bur has cutting edges on all sides of the bur. Pear shape carbide cutters are available as regular cut, double cut, fine cut, double fine cut, or double extra fine cut burs.

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